Monday, August 15, 2016

Top 4 Russians Foods

1. Borsch 

2. Shashlik 

3. Russian Dumplings

4. Honeycake

Top 10 Russian Foods: Medovik

Have any of you guys tried these? Also, leave a comment down below if you have a favorite from these or any other suggestions you guys think I should try or your favorite Russian dish. 

Top 5 K-pop Boy Groups

Hey, so since I made a girl group list I thought I would a boy group one. These boy groups have constantly shown fans their immense talents. If you are a fan of K-pop you probably know these groups already considering their immense popularity. If you don't know what K-pop is then these groups will be a good starting point in your K-pop obsessed life. 

1. Big Bang

2. BTS

3. Seventeen

4. Ikon

5. Got7

What do you guys think of this list? Do you think they deserve their spots and also if you don't agree, who would you place on the list?

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Top 5 K-pop girl groups

Hola, so today I was listening to some K-pop and thought I would do a list of some girl groups that I think are worth listening to. These girl groups have shown again and again their variety of skills. Some of these girl groups are just on the rise and some of them are veterans in the K-pop scene.

1. BlackPink (Newly Debuted)

2. Red Velvet 

3. 2NE1

4. SNSD 

5. GFriend 

My Top 2 Japanese Dramas

Hey guys, so as you may have seen earlier today, I made a list of my top Korean dramas so to balance it out I wanted to do my top 3 Japanese Dramas. All these dramas are very great and I would highly recommend. This list is also if you've never seen any J-drama before, these 3 will be a good starting point. 

1. Please Love the Useless Me

2. Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo

Top 5 Rich Guy and Poor Girl K-Dramas

Hey, so today I was just scrolling through my Viki account and all the dramas I've watched so far and I came to a realization. Most dramas that I'm usually watching follow basically the same storyline. Such as a tough poor girl and an over confident rich guy or something along those lines. 

Since I've watched so many of those kinds of dramas I thought I would make my top 5 favorites that I've watched so far.

1. My Name is Kim Sam Soon (2005)

2. Boys Over Flowers (2009)

3. Full House (2004) 

4. Goong (2006)

5. Dong Yi (2010)

My Top 5 Korean Movies

1. My Sassy Girl

2. The Thieves

3. A Moment to Remember

4. 200 Pounds Beauty 

5. Secretly, Greatly

Top 5 Korean Dramas

1. The girl who sees smells
The girl who sees smell.jpg
A girl who witnesses a murder and later gets in an accident later the night and it causes for one of her eyes to see smells.

2. Doctors

Doctors (닥터스) poster.jpg
A girl with a gangster personality becomes a doctor and due to her childhood, she is very closed off from people.
3. Boys over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers (TV series) poster.jpg
Based off a manga, poor girl goes to rich school and the main guy falls for her
4. My love from the stars

You Who Came From the Stars Cover.jpg
An alien is stuck on earth and falls for a human girl but he has to leave soon back to his planet.
5. Healer

Healer TV series-poster.jpg
An action drama that connects to an old incident from the past and these 3 people are connected to this.