Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Back to school essentials

1. A pencil or a writing tool

A pencil is always needed because you are going to school and you are there to learn, so a pen is a necessity for school work.

2. Notebook

Notebook or paper is needed because you are most likely going to be writing things down and it is always annoying to be the one kid that is never prepared.

3. Folder

It's important to keep your stuff organized and ready for class mostly if you are a high schooler.

4. Hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer is a must because let's be real school is nasty, the bathrooms are disgusting and people don't have good hygiene so it is important to be sure to kill germs or you could get sick.

5. Pens

This is mostly directed towards middle schoolers and high schoolers since most teachers make you grade your own quizzes or someone else's.

6. Backpack

A backpack isn't exactly needed but it makes school life much easier because you won't have to carry to much in your hands.

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