Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Learn Korean

Hi, guys so I wanted to do a quick post on how to learn Korean. I as a student am very interested in Korean considering I am going to be doing my college years over in South Korea. 

Soo..Here are my top tips on learning Korean 

1. Talk to a native, it may be hard to find a person in real life so try websites like interpals which connects you with anyone in the world

2. Learn Hangul first not romanization, Hangul is fairly easily and it's possible to be able to read Hangul in a day or 2

3. Listen to music, watch dramas. Now I know most people want to learn Korean because of K-pop or dramas so use them to your advantage

4. Practice writing it down, it's a new writing system not like the English writing system so it's important to master that. 

5. Learn all the right titles and superiority, In Korean, they have different titles for different people such as Unnie, or something along those lines

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