Sunday, August 14, 2016

Top 5 Korean Dramas

1. The girl who sees smells
The girl who sees smell.jpg
A girl who witnesses a murder and later gets in an accident later the night and it causes for one of her eyes to see smells.

2. Doctors

Doctors (닥터스) poster.jpg
A girl with a gangster personality becomes a doctor and due to her childhood, she is very closed off from people.
3. Boys over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers (TV series) poster.jpg
Based off a manga, poor girl goes to rich school and the main guy falls for her
4. My love from the stars

You Who Came From the Stars Cover.jpg
An alien is stuck on earth and falls for a human girl but he has to leave soon back to his planet.
5. Healer

Healer TV series-poster.jpg
An action drama that connects to an old incident from the past and these 3 people are connected to this.

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